Holiday Marketing: Utilizing Shopping Tags To Increase Sales

November 17,2021

Holiday Marketing: Utilizing Shopping Tags To Increase Sales 

Holiday marketing is noted as the process of using different marketing channels to entice your target audience with extra valuable offers during the holiday season. A fundamental part of creating your holiday marketing plan is knowing when to begin your marketing campaign in correlation to the holidays. Changing a business’ marketing plan to accommodate the busiest and most profitable time of year is crucial in seeking success. Typically during this time brands will incorporate Christmas and winter themed elements into their marketing plans to keep customers engaged. With social media platforms integrating shopping tag features,  holiday marketing is easier than ever.

Integrated Shopping Ads in Social Platforms 

Shopping ads features have grown in popularity in social media platforms due to the efficiency of these types of ads. These types of shopping ads called shopping tags allow businesses to promote their products within their social posts. Customers are able to discover, learn and purchase items without even having to leave the app. Shopping tags enable companies to spotlight certain items in their catalog that are in any of their organic and paid social content. The shopping tag feature allows businesses to alert customers about an item they expressed interest in, new product launches and re-stocks.

Here are additional ways shopping tags can help your business this holiday season:

1. Leverage Scarcity and Fear of Missing Out to Drive Sales. Businesses of any size can design seasonal offerings that will appeal to their unique customer base. For instance, if you run a local brewery,  you might have a special blend that you offer only at this time of year. Build anticipation by announcing your holiday products in advance. Use your Instagram bio, stories, feed posts, and reels to promote your offerings and emphasize the limited timeframe.

2. Partner With Micro-Influencers Your Customers Trust for Recommendations. If you partner with niche influencers to spread the word about your seasonal offerings on Instagram, ask them to share these recommendations via Instagram stories as well. The content’s short 24-hour lifespan helps create a sense of urgency. What’s more, many influencers have access to valuable Stories features like clickable links that help improve the customer’s shopping experience.

 3.  Ensure Product and Brand Visibility with Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns. To make the most of your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns and turn interested consumers into customers, take advantage of product tags and clickable links in your ads. 

4.   Let Your Community Help Build a Seasonal Feed of Social Proof for You. Featuring seasonal user-generated content (UGC) on your Instagram feed can help you create a festive mood and celebrate your Instagram following at the same time. If users share photos of your product on Instagram, chances are they’re satisfied with its quality and that serves as a trust signal to potential customers.

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