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Everywhere you look today, someone is talking about the Cloud. Benefits like virtualization and lower capital expenditures are enough to tempt any company or organization to look at cloud hosting as an elastic and scalable approach to managing their online presence. It is an affordable solution that is more reliable than traditional web servers. So, does it really make a difference as to who hosts your website?

Yes it does. Although the search engines don't reward or penalize a website based on who hosts it, factors like load speed and up-time can be algorithm killers. If you business's website or e-commerce store is open 24/7, you should always pick a hosting company that can offer 99 percent up-time for internet service. When the urge for product information, pricing or purchase occurs, today's online buyers won't wait long before they bounce their way to a competitor's site.

If your company doesn't have the in-house capabilities (IT staff) for staying on top of the ever-changing internet environment, you should consider using a cloud hosting firm that offers a wide array of web services. Here at AppSoft, our engineers are constantly monitoring the overall threat landscape by employing the latest technologies to protect your data and deliver the most useful and intelligent results for a user's search queries.

Nowadays companies and organizations often gather large amounts of data. That's why AppSoft has created a very elastic and scalable approach to managing cloud data for business websites. From the leads management of your website's conversion forms to controlling your social media settings, your data is safely collected and securely stored without the hassles and distractions of maintaining your own servers. Something that only the largest and most security-driven companies can afford to do in-house. Call us for cloud hosting solutions Jacksonville.


Rather than putting your company's eggs in one basket by relying on a single in-house server, your website is hosted on a virtual partition which draws its resources from a network of physical servers. If one server goes offline, it does not affect the availability of website's applications and data. Pooled cloud resources mean business as usual.

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If your website demands extra resources, our hosting platform can handle a surge in user activity, a spike in online traffic or an immediate need for the seamless implementation of site-wide changes. Plus, using our friendly CMS modules, your staff can directly manage data that your website has collected through form submittal or other lead generation applications.


Cloud hosting is the easiest way to ensure your company's content is safe and secure. Your data is hosted across redundant servers with up-to-date backups that protect against unexpected issues or hardware failures. Plus, your website benefits from the strict security measures we implement to prevent unwanted users for accessing or disrupting normal website functions.

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