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Ever wonder how some websites make it to the top of the search engine's results page? Key content components for performing well online depend upon the quality of your website's copy and the strength of the website's theme. We eliminate the guesswork and optimize your content for your visitors and the search engines.

Though internet marketing trends seemingly change with the wind and the search engine powers-that-be love tweaking algorithms, one contributing factor to successful SEO remains a constant -- Content is king. That's why SEO copywriting remains essential to your online business success. At the core of effective SEO copywriting is incorporating relevant keywords and keyword phrases into your website's text, tags and metadata. This helps to inform the major search engines just what your business is all about so. In turn, the algorithms index your content to help quickly and accurately determine our website's relevancy to search terms entered and send targeted traffic your way.

Of course, it's not as easy as sprinkling a few keywords here and there into your text, and the days of over-the-top keyword density as an SEO strategy are long over. In fact, simply cramming keywords into every nook and cranny of a body of web text will do far more to hinder than to help your search rankings. Instead, copy should be adequately keyword-optimized, but not obviously so -- a function of latent semantic indexing. LSI, as it's commonly called, allows search engines determine a web page's relevance based the occurrence of keyword-related subject matter in a body of copy and is boosted by use of related keywords, synonyms and grammatical variations. This lends to a natural flow of SEO copy that's both "human friendly" and "robot friendly."

If you're planning a new website or suspect that your current website's copy is sinking your search rankings, AppSoft Development's expert SEO copywriters can help. We'll craft easy-to-read text that will clearly communicate your business' offerings to both human readers and search bots, maximize your organic rankings and help boost your bottom line. Call 800-736-9112 to learn more.


At Appsoft, our SEO copywriting incorporates your keyword strategies to inform the search engines as to "What it is that you do."? By correctly optimizing original copy, we can impact how the algorithms index your content and determine your website's search relevancy. Our copy writers develop individual page themes as an integral part of your website's overall theme. This helps the engines produce relevant results while directing your visitors to important pages that feature your company's product or services.

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Search engines like Google and Bing have encouraged web developers for years to only use fresh, original web copy that utilizes approved SEO techniques. For the most part, you should avoid using your company's advertising copy online. Fair or not, content that paints a picture? with words can easily be misinterpreted by the search engines. Other marketing copy such as brochure content supplied by a vendor should never be used in favor of avoiding ranking penalties for duplicate content.


Our SEO copwriting takes full advantage of Latent Semantic Indexing which allows the search engines to determine a page's relevancy based on occurrence of subject matter rather than keyword density. Call Appsoft today to learn how well-written SEO copy can maximize your website's opportunity for achieving top organic rankings.

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