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Successful e-commerce development involves much more than planting a PayPal button and a few product images on your website. Whether you're a small company with a limited number of products and services to sell, or a large corporation offering hundreds of them, you need an e-commerce store to assure increased sales, improved customer satisfaction and repeat and referral business.

Marketing experts estimate total online sales in the United States at $349.1 billion in 2015 and expect that total to surge to just over half a trillion dollars ($548.22 billion) by 2019. That's a lot of opportunity for businesses that successfully master the ecommerce landscape. And with the right strategy, it means the playing field for smaller companies competing against big-box retailers for online sales is more level than ever.

Statistics show that nearly 75 percent of Americans regularly purchase products and services online. But maximizing on this ever-growing source of potential customers and clients can be tricky. That's because varying consumer segments do their online shopping in different ways. A top example: Younger consumers are more likely to shop via their tablets or mobile phones than older buyers who prefer laptops or desktops. But even among that younger demographic, tablets deliver more online sales than do mobile phones.

Why does this matter? Because if your website isn't designed to be responsive to each of these device types - and particularly to those most used by your target market - you're missing out on volumes of sales opportunity. Whether your potential customer is browsing your product line on a desktop computer at home or on a mobile phone while taking the subway to work, it's critical that your e-commerce store is inviting, easy to navigate and enjoyable - before, during and after the sale. Web shoppers are a finicky bunch, and you can bet that a less-than-satisfying online purchasing experience means they won't be back.

Plus, the dynamic nature of most e-commerce websites presents unique challenges when it comes to search engine optimization. Unlike content websites, driving traffic to database-driven e-commerce sites requires additional marketing elements used in the website's navigational design, shopping cart module, product grouping and landing pages, and keywords and key phrases in text on both primary and store pages.

The potential for online sales of your products and services grows daily. Make sure your business is in the best position possible to beat the competition and capture a sizable share of the buying market. Call 800-736-9112 to schedule a consultation with AppSoft Development's e-commerce website development and SEO experts today.

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No two businesses are the same. Therefore, no two e-commerce development plans are the same. It's critical that yours is tailored specifically to your company's unique needs, sales goals and marketing style. It also must be deemed inviting, easy to navigate and enjoyable by your customers-before, during and after the sale. Web shoppers are a finicky bunch, and you can bet that a less-than-satisfying online purchasing experience means they won't be back.

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AppSoft's e-commerce development specialists can walk you through the entire process, from planning and implementing your marketing campaigns; facilitating the purchase, delivery and follow-up with your customers; and analyzing and improving your e-commerce results. We'll help you identify and remedy common problems like shopping cart abandonment. And we'll personally train you and your staff on how to use your e-commerce store.

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If you're ready to reach more customers, sell more products and services, and reap more benefits of repeat and referred clientele, contact AppSoft via our online email form. Be sure to click the e-commerce checkbox, so we can begin researching and preparing your e-commerce development plan today.

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