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For most us, the Internet has changed the way we search for, digest and compare information about everything from locating a doctor's office to purchasing a new home. Opportunities for business expansion are always there and your next consumer or potential client is just waiting to discover your latest content marketing campaign. However, gaining an online shopper's attention and igniting the triggers that cause them to take action has never been more open ended.

Some marketing specialists say content marketing is merely a subset of your company's inbound marketing strategies. But, it's sort of a "chicken or egg" argument and absolute distinctions aren't that important. What is important is that you don't waste time and money trying to coerce the web into embracing your brand with the traditional bombardment of slick advertisements created to woe the masses. It no longer works that way.

The good news is, there is a multitude of potential consumers who are waiting for your marketing message to arrive. So forego antiquated outbound marketing methods and think in terms of attracting and engaging your target audience. No more force-feeding of ads to online consumers. Instead provide interesting content for buyers through social media posts, infographics, entertaining articles or short video-based presentations.

Be it contextual or visual (or both), compelling content can supercharge your online efforts as you grow your brand and increase your company's ROI. So stop trying to leverage the web world and put on your creative thinking cap... then contact the marketing professionals at AppSoft for help in delivering exciting content to potential customers.

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A lesson to be learned is that in today's web world the coercive approach that worked for years in broadcast or print media is almost always rejected leading to a high bounce rate on web pages that you thought contained your most persuasive advertising. Fact is, online buyers nowadays demand a creative and entertaining platform for the delivery of content.

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Discovering what compels a visitor to consume content on your website's landing pages is an on-going process; and one that happens in the first 15 seconds of their visit. If that sounds challenging, it can be. Your content marketing strategies must deliver a fresh message that peaks a user's attention and causes them to take action. So, whether you choose to entertain, inform, dazzle or charm your online audience, your content must engage your visitors to generate positive outcomes.


It is important that your content doesn't trigger skepticism. If it does, the potential buyer's interest might be lost forever. So, instead of targeting content for mass appeal, it is much more important to engage your website's visitors. To learn more about creating a successful content marketing campaign, contact AppSoft for a web-smart strategy.

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