June 11,2021

In 2011, Google released an algorithm update that launched a new era of website development and dramatically transformed the website ranking system. This released was called "Panda”. Panda was developed to increase user experience on sites by rewarding those websites that provided high-quality content with a higher position, and decreasing ranking for low-quality websites. 
Google was committed to great user experience and this was evident when Google officially integrated Panda into their core algorithm. With this new focus on user experience, companies were forced to rethink their content and how they approached their SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.
Prior to the release of Panda, low-quality websites were working their way to the top of the search results page by using aggressive spamming techniques and creating false traffic by gathering as many links as they could. After the release, companies began to closely monitor spamming ratios, and proving an overall better user experience. Instead of seeing sites with an extensive word count, companies started to see smaller high-quality websites rank high of the search result page. This was a huge change to how websites were managed and created. 
Some experts saw Panda as the foundation to the future that Google would be headed toward. Fast forward to 2017, we can see the dramatic impact that Panda had and is having, and the impact it had on many different updates that Google has released.
Having a expert SEO team that is constantly monitoring and aware of major changes to search engines algorithms is a major advantage that could significantly increase traffic to your website and business. Here at AppSoft we have a dedicated and experienced team that is focused on increasing your website's ranking and traffic to your business. For more information call us at (904)-551-4700.

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