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A great website is among the most powerful marketing tools available for businesses today. But there is a lot that goes into the web design and building of a site that's truly effective. The layout, chosen colors and fonts, navigational features, search engine optimized text, clear calls to action -- all are examples of website design elements that can make or break your online success, and it takes a team of experts to make sure it's done right.

In today's tech-savvy and connected world, a quality website is not an option -- it's an essential element for business success. Here's why:

  • Instant access: With an attractive, functional and user-friendly website, you're always open for business. Current and prospective clients don't have to wait until your brick-and-mortar location opens tomorrow morning to learn more about your business' offerings. They can shop your products and services at any time -- 24/7. This is particularly true with an e-commerce website that allows customers to make purchases from wherever they are, but also is critical for reaching the 81 percent of shoppers who conduct online research before making a purchase either on the web or at a store.
  • Leveled playing field: Online, the playing field is significantly leveled between major retailers and mom-and-pops. As conventional media increasingly gives way to the internet, big advertising budgets are less impactful. With a well-designed website and supporting web development, a business of any size has the same opportunity to lure customers.
  • Credibility: In the court of public opinion, a business without a website is one that lacks credibility. Today's consumers are a savvy bunch with high expectations for brand presentation, information access and convenience. A quality website helps assure you'll gain consumer confidence, land sales and grow your business.

Boost your business' potential for success with a top-notch website design that attracts customers, makes it easy to find just what they're looking for and assures they'll eagerly answer your call to action. Call AppSoft Development at 800-736-9112 and let our web design professionals begin developing your new site today.

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For success on the Internet, website design is one of the most important components of your campaign. It can literally make or break your chance of catching a buyer's attention. Keeping a prospect on the page long enough to turn a potential customer into a paying one, should always be the primary goal. But for today's savvy buyer, web design has to be more than just eye-catching. It must also be motivating.

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Free websites are as common as sand on the beach and are about as effective in selling your products and services. Like many other free things in life, you get exactly what you pay for. Do-it-yourself websites have code bloat and lack the functional elements of well-crafted pages. Plus, professional web copy, user-friendly content and customization are needed to turn a plain-Jane web calling card into an effective buyer interface.

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At AppSoft Development, our team of web developers, graphic designers, copy writers and SEO engineers have created hundreds of web designs that have boosted the site's rank with the search engines and increased both web traffic and online store sales. A fully-customized website is one that is tailored to your unique products, targets your buyers and meets your sales goals.

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