20 Ways to Get More Facebook Fan Page Likes

January 2,2017

Every now and then you'll hear of reports that Facebook is going the way of MySpace and the 8-track cassette player. Yet, the statistics paint a very different picture. At the time of this writing, there are 1.79 billion are monthly active users.

When used effectively, Facebook remains a top marketing tool. And the best way to leverage this online tool is to garner new likes by active, engaged users for your business' fan page. AppSoft Development offers 20 ways to do just that:

  1. Post status updates regularly.
  2. At least once a week, post a status update that actively engages fans. One tactic that always works – post a funny photo and ask fans to suggest captions.
  3. Upload photos from events you host and ask fans to tag themselves and their friends.
  4. Build a Facebook landing page that offers an incentive for people to like your page, such as an exclusive video or photos.
  5. Connect with admins of groups whose interests are related to your products and services.
  6. Invite people to like your page via SMS by texting a message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words "like yourpagename".
  7. Add a Facebook page badge, like button or Like Box plugin to your website.
  8. Connect your Facebook page to your Twitter profile.
  9. Include a link to your fan page in all of your e-newsletters.
  10. Add a link to your Facebook fan page in your business email signature using a tool like wisestamp.
  11. Create a fun business car designed specifically for sending people you meet to your fan page. Note that fan page URLs can be shortened to fb.com/yourpagename.
  12. Run a fans-only contest and award a prize.
  13. Comment on blogs that are relevant to your products or services and include a link to your Facebook fan page.
  14. Link to your Facebook page from your LinkedIn profile.
  15. Upload promotional, informational or just plain interesting videos to your Facebook page. When people share or embed it, viewers will see a watermark link back to your page.
  16. Blog often on your website, then immediately post that blog to your Facebook page. Fans will share it with their friends, driving more people to your website. And if your blog has social sharing widgets, those new readers will share your blog even further.
  17. Pay attention to that Facebook insights information. Find out what activities garner the most fan attention and interaction, then tweak and duplicate those efforts. Also, take note of the demographics of your fan page and create more material that caters to your top age and gender fans.
  18. Once you've got that demographic information, run a targeted Facebook ad.
  19. Invest in great, professional photos or graphics for your profile and cover pictures.
  20. Include your Facebook fan page URL on your promotional swag items like T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc.

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