Four Mistakes that will Sink Your SEO

May 14,2014

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is just what it sounds like — a method of optimizing your website's content and structure to help boost its search engine result rankings. It's equal parts art and science and takes a professional to do it well — in part because the applicable arts and sciences are constantly changing with emerging web design and content trends, and with inevitable changes in search engine algorithms.

That said, there are a few common mistakes that will sink your SEO success, no matter what the trends and algorithms dictate. SEO experts with Jacksonville's AppSoft Development share a few:

  1. Failure to configure your CMS or e-com system: Websites that utilize pre-existing content management systems like WordPress, Concrete 5 and Drupal or e-commerce systems can be highly effective — but only if they're configured correctly. This can include an array of SEO-friendly practices like strategic page titles, carefully worded product descriptions, strategically customized URLs, image captions and maps generated for event postings.
  2. Duplicate content: Content that duplicates that of another website, or repeats multiple times within your own website will do doubt get pinged by the top search engines, sending your search engine results to the bottom of the list and putting a real dent in your website traffic.
  3. Not enough content: When it comes to generating web traffic, content is king. You'll want to make sure your website has plenty of it, and that new content is added on a regular basis. That's where blogging proves particularly valuable.
  4. Knee-jerk SEO: The tech rumor mill constantly is churning out misinformation on search engine algorithm changes and SEO trends. And many DIYers fall for these rumors, making major changes to their websites that prove damaging. That's why SEO often is best left to professionals who have access to the most credible sources and the latest, most accurate information.

To help make sure your website's SEO is up to par, schedule a consultation with a search engine optimization pro with Jacksonville's AppSoft Development. We can expertly optimize your website for local, regional or national traffic, as well as for e-commerce functions. Call 800-736-9112 to set an appointment today.

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