Content Remains King - Statistics Prove It

March 17,2014

Chances are, in studying or discussing internet marketing you've heard the adage that "content is king." There's a reason you keep hearing those words — they're absolutely true!

Content marketing is performed via website page content, blogs, social media posts, graphic and video posts, e-newsletters and media releases. And the statistics prove that those efforts are worth it:

  • 92 percent of active SEO practitioners consider regular content creation a highly effective SEO tactic;
  • 90 percent of American companies across the board regularly engage in some form of content marketing;
  • 70 percent of marketers say content marketing has increased their brand awareness;
  • 59 percent say it promotes sales growth;
  • 45 percent say it has reduced their advertising costs;
  • 94 percent more social media views are attracted by content that contains compelling images, including photographs and infographics, than content lacking images;
  • Using photos boosts Facebook engagement by 37 percent and media release pageviews by 14 percent.

Of course, just any old content won't work. Effective content must be well written, keyword-optimized and designed to make your reader take that next step to become your paying customer. And that takes specialized experience and training. If you need help creating and managing quality web page, blog and social media content, contact AppSoft Development at 904-551-4700 in Northeast Florida or 800-736-9112 elsewhere.

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