7 Reasons Web Visitors Leave Your Website

April 10,2014

The key to a successful website, particularly an e-commerce site, is to keep a casual visitor interested and engaged long enough to convert them into a customer who pays for your products or services. And that's no easy task. Web development experts with AppSoft Development reveal the top seven things that make a would-be client jettison your website before clicking "buy now."

  1. Slow load times: This is a top online business killer and often has to do with hosting or server issues, or simply overloaded pages.
  2. Poor navigation: Your navigational bar is to your website's success what your GPS device is to your next road trip. An effective one helps your web visitor figure out where on your site he wants to go, and get their easily. If it's confusing or incomplete, your would-be client will quickly go elsewhere.
  3. Lack of key information: If your web visitor has to make guesses as to what your company does, what products or services it offers or how to get them, he'll find his answers from your competitor instead. Make sure key information is easily and quickly found.
  4. Typos: Nothing tanks a company's credibility like a typo, misspelling or grammatical error on your website. If you don't take your web content seriously, your web visitors won't take your company seriously and certainly won't give your business his hard-earned dollars.
  5. Funky colors and fonts: In effective website design, colors and fonts are chosen to convey particular messages. That's why you're not likely to see a lawyer's website with text in Comic Sans font on a hot pink background. Color combinations and font choices that conflict with your website's message or make text difficult to read will render your entire site a failure.
  6. Cookie cutter designs: A web visitor who quickly recognizes your medical practice's website theme as the same one used by the local florist will be none too impressed. This is an issue you may run into when designing your own site, or working with a website company that doesn't understand the value of offering fully custom web design. Think about it - if you can't afford a custom website, you must not be getting much business. And your web visitor won't wait around to wonder why. He'll just move on to the next potential provider.
  7. Cobwebs: If your last blog entry is dated two years ago or the special deal mentioned on your home page hasn't been offered for months, your web visitors will notice. And their first thought no doubt will be that you may have gone out of business.

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