How to Set Marketing Goals You'll Actually Achieve

January 12,2022

How to Set Marketing Goals You'll Actually Achieve

Tips and Tricks to creating manageable marketing goals.

Marketing goals can often be lofty concepts based on what your organization's ideal outcome might be, but they often don’t translate to realistic results. The first step to setting marketing goals you can actually achieve is to understand what the ultimate goal is, what time frame you have to accomplish it, and what tools are at your disposal… and then delineating that ultimate into several manageable marketing goals. Here are some things to consider while setting your course to success.

Outline Your Project

A project without a clear deadline can easily be derailed. Setting a deadline means that you’re going to make the most of your time with carefully planned audit schedules, regular reporting and tracking.  

 Attacking a marketing goal without structure often results in a rushed, messy project that doesn’t accomplish its lofty purpose. Because a lot of the marketing process is hit or miss, testing and adjusting; without projected dates and schedules, goals can get lost completely.

Be Realistic

As great as your marketing ideas may be, there are a myriad of oscillating factors that will influence the success of that idea, you are undoubtedly going to need to make adjustments. Markets change, so do algorithms, and as the pandemic demonstrated, so can the social climate on a dime. Marketing puts in 1000 pounds of effort for 5 pounds of possibility, but without the 5 pounds your business is nowhere. Understanding this is key to setting realistic goals. To find what goals are obtainable for your business, listen to your marketing department, listen to your peers and field experts. They are on the ground so to speak, and can inform your decision making process.

Track Your Goals Daily

Some marketers employ a “set it and forget it” style with their marketing goals. While a hands-off approach can work for most automated processes, it can also lead to problems going unnoticed until they become pain points. This is why tracking and regular auditing is so important. 

Tracking isn’t just a monthly routine where you collect data before a meeting. It should be an ongoing process for monitoring your department’s current activities and their results, whether you’re checking conversions, click-throughs, or engagement. Good marketing campaigns are continually being finessed.

If you need help translating your objectives into measurable and realistic marketing goals, AppSoft Development can help. Whether you choose to outsource your marketing efforts to our experts or you just need some consulting to clarify your goals and message, our team is poised to make your goals more tangible. If you have any questions, please reach out to or call 904.551.4700 to speak with our experts. 

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