Google Adwords

January 4,2017

Is Google AdWords Friend Or Foe?


While many people probably think the benefits of AdWords don’t outweigh the cost. I’m here to tell you AdWords is by far, a friend. This type of advertising can be very complex, and the options for advertising are endless. But, I’m going to describe the basics and how to get started.


Your industry, product, and service provided has a lot to do with how you can utilize Google Pay Per Click. Identifying these business types and associating them with the different channels of advertising is most important for maximum ROI (Return On Investment). Each method of advertising isn’t going to work for everyone. For example, if your company is running a sale, Display Ads are going to be more beneficial than Text Ads. This is where researching your competition will come in handy.


First, decide whether you will be running Text Ads, Display Ads, or Video Ads.

These are the most common types of advertising. There are other methods, like remarketing, but we will get to those in a later post. Once you have identified what will work best for you, and you have the ads designed, you will need to choose how the ads will be found and what audience preferences you see fit. Designing ads can be simple or complex. Research examples of ads, this will show how the images and/or words are placed for each ad campaign.


Second, you will need to identify keywords or phrases associated with your product or service.

Google does a good job at showing how often those keywords are searched in your surrounding area. You may need to adjust the phrasing to get the highest possible search volume.


Third, you will need to monitor your new ads to make sure they are doing well.

This will include changing bids for keywords and increasing your quality score. There are a lot more factors that go into how often your ads will show. You will need to get used to the AdWords administration panel. The more you know, and understand the inner workings. The more your ads will show.


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