The Importance Of Web Design

December 30,2016


How often do you really need a new website?


When dealing with the ever-changing world of technology, staying current is good. So, the quick answer is yes, or no… wait, what was the question? Oh yes, how often should you revamp your website?


Web designers and programmers are coming up with new ways to interact online, every day. Imagine your website is a car. Your 2013 model still looks nice and runs fine, but the 2017 model has a touch screen. It can also drive itself, runs mostly on magic dust and gets a million miles to the gallon. You get the point. While your current website might look nice, and gets some traffic, it may be missing something to put you over the competition.


The customer is always right… Right?


Customer interaction plays a large role in how often you should upgrade. People are used to searching the Internet on a daily basis. If they land on your site and it’s dated, chances are they are going to leave. A recent poll reported by Forbes shows that 94 percent of people mistrust a site because of design elements. While only 6 percent said it had to do with content. Surprised? Don’t be. The easier your site is to navigate, and the better it looks overall, the better chance you have of holding someone’s attention.


How much horsepower does a search engine have anyway?


Google, Bing, and other search engines should have a lot to do with the design of your website also. How much organic traffic does your current site generate? How much did it generate last year? Has it ever generated traffic or leads for you?


Search engines are constantly changing their algorithm. This means that your business has to stay proactive in dealing with these changes. What might have worked 2 years ago to rank you high on Google’s search, certainly isn’t going to be the same today.


So, in closing, the look of your website is very important. If you see your competitor’s site looks newer, has more features, and ranks higher than yours… yes, it’s time to update.

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