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Landing page design differs from the design approach that works for your website’s inner pages for one big reason: First impressions. But first impressions aren’t just about great looks. Great landing page design means actively engaging your potential customers.

To understand effective landing page design, it’s important to know exactly what a landing page is and what it’s meant to do. Web experts define a landing page as one created specifically to capture web visitors referred from a marketing campaign and to route or convert them to particular marketing outcomes: completing a sales lead form; buying your product or service; joining your organization; signing up for your newsletter; volunteering for your next project; reserving a seat or ticket to your event, etc. Whatever your desired marketing outcome, a dynamic landing page design will help you attain it.

The best landing page design will allow you to:

  • Gain a registration or lead from your prospective customer
  • Profile and qualify the site visitor, enabling you to deliver more relevant and targeted followup marketing communications
  • Show your web visitor how your product, service or cause stands out from the rest
  • Provide the web visitor with contact information if he opts out of disclosing their own information, give him a reason to return to your site or engage him via other relevant offers or content.

To make sure your website landing page design delivers the results you want, call AppSoft Development at 800-736-9112.

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