Flash Design

Want to make a strong first impression? Flash design for your website lends an eye-catching, high-tech feel. And it’s supported by up to 98 percent of Web browsers including many major mobile web browsers. But is it right for your website?

Flash Design

Flash design works beautifully for multiple applications. Animation is a top flash benefit and can be used in video tutorials and tours. Web videos presented in flash don’t require an additional plugin like QuickTime or Media Player. And flash games can add a fun, interactive element to your website.

Some will tell you that a flash design will undercut your website’s ability to get web traffic. While it’s true that it is difficult for search engine spiders to read flash, there is much we can do to help boost your website’s search engine results while still enjoying a smooth, attention-grabbing flash design. And, we can optimize your flash or non-flash website design to work seamlessly in mobile browsers, allowing your prospective customers to find you even when they’re on the go.

AppSoft Development’s staff of top-notch web designers, developers, video production and animation pros and copywriters can create a beautiful website that ranks high in the search engine results, captures and keeps your potential customers’ attention, and turns them into buyers of your products or services. Call 1-800-736-9112 to find out how a flash design can add value and functionality to your business or organization’s website.

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